Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Priorities. It's all about priorities.

I picked Amigo up at school today for an appointment, and as we walked out to the minivan, I managed to tangle myself up in his white cane and fall to my knees on the sidewalk. I have two skinned knees and a little bruising/swelling, but it's nothing a little ice and ibuprofen won't cure. But as I went down so gracefully (not), I didn't fear breaking a bone. I didn't fear spraining an ankle or a wrist. I feared -- ripping a hole in my jeans.
Jeans are hard to find for many women. For me, 5'4" and rather heavy, they're darn near impossible. I've been wearing jeans much too often because Mort has forced me into flat walking shoes for a while, and I just don't have enough decent, casual pants that work with my Avias.
If my knees didn't hurt so much, I'd go shopping.
Good thing I'm not training for a long walk!

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