Sunday, March 18, 2007

She can walk the walk, and I'm not "lion"

Sara has reached her fundraising goal! If you are interested and have not yet made a donation, please direct a few dollars to her walking partner, Ellen Austreng. Here is the procedure.

If you have a few minutes, please check out her web-page at
To get there:
1. Click on DONATE
3. Click on CHICAGO 2007.
5. Type in her name (Ellen Austreng)
6. Her name will come up under Find a walker/crew member. Click on it and you're in!

They walk for their daughters. Let's hope that our daughters no longer see breast cancer as a "mane" threat. Let's "roar" in support of these walkers and their cause.

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Blogger mcewen said...

This time of year [or is it all times of year?] there are so many worthy causes that I begin to feel quite inadequate. In the current circumstances where time is limited, about the only thing we can do is proffer the cheque book. Although my days of volunteering and fund raising are temporarily suspended, with one child already 25, I don't really need to be reminded that I can get the chance to be a bit more 'action packed' in the future. Best wishes and that's for raising the profile, as we Americans say.

3/19/2007 10:50 PM  

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