Sunday, January 14, 2007

Go team go! But which team?

Regular readers know that I live and breathe Packer Green and Gold. My teenage son wears the colors with pride and knows all the NFL stadium names by memory (watch out Jeopardy), my daughter can stump her college friends (male or female) with her knowledge of the game, and Husband sometimes works Sundays to get away from the frenzy at home. What to do when the home team doesn't make the playoffs? For whom do we cheer? How can a family like ours choose a team that doesn't have our favorite 3-time MVP at the the helm?
Our "logic" works like this.
We could cheer for the NFC team nearest ours, the one that won the division title, even though our Packers beat the heck out of them in the final game of the season (sorry, Bear fans, I couldn't resist).
We could choose an AFC team that boasts another talented quarterback from the south who does priceless commercials. ("D-Caf! --boom, boom-- D-Caf!") And the Colts' coach, Tony Dungy, has gone through a lot of private suffering in a very public arena, maintaining his dignity and class the whole time.
Then there's the "storied past" angle. Mike Holmgren, currently of the Seattle Seahawks, coached the Pack to their last Super Bowl win ten years ago, uniting the entire extended community of Green Bay in the celebration.
But what about the New Orleans Saints? They were hit hard when hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and trashed their home dome. Haven't they earned the respect and admiration of fans across the country with their amazing comeback?
La Petite found a solution. Click here, and will analyze your preferences and assign you a surrogate team.
Enjoy! And trust me, fellow cheeseheads; the Pack will be Back.

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Blogger Steve said...

I'm a life-long Steelers fan; I'm right there with ya, but it's gotta be the Saints! Could there be a better story?

1/18/2007 12:26 AM  

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