Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hindsight is always 20-20, so enjoy it!

Looking back over the year: here's the way each month started in 2008. I offer the first line of the first post of each month, complete with link to the post should you want to read the rest.

January: Last January 1st was a retrospective like this one, so I offer instead New Year's Eve 2007.
February: It's a little like Supermom meeting her Kryptonite.
March: One thing that keeps me judging music festivals is this.
April: When Jordan proposed "Savoring the Season" for her next group writing project, I thought, savor what?
May: I bake bread when I'm home watching a sick teenager. Doesn't everyone?
June: Some days I think the world revolves around underwear.
July: I can't call it a la king, or a la queen, for that matter.
August: Dumbledore's wisdom.
September: A passive chore is something that "does itself" while I'm doing something else. October: Pepper and Potential
November: I remember the days when teachers could have kids bring in candy wrappers....
December: Ah, contradictions. This is a case for "Shoulds are Bogus."

It's interesting that none of these First Date posts were election-related. The primary and general elections were huge on the national scene and in my own life. The selected posts do touch on other big subjects for 2008: Amigo's illness (May), our family travels (June), and the challenges and changes in teaching (November).

May you live in interesting times, and may the interest and challenge be exactly what's right for you. Happy New Year!

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Blogger Deb said...

This was a fabulous idea for a New Year's post. I found one listed I somehow don't remember reading - can't explain that.

I don't see the lack of an election-related post among these as the point but rather that in spite of the importance of the election, which is a temporal event of itself, you have many interests and circles of influence.

1/01/2009 10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur with G's Cottage that this is a fantastic idea for a New Year's post -- wish I woulda thought of it ;)

Happy New Years to you and yours, Daisy!

1/01/2009 4:17 PM  

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