Friday, January 28, 2011

La Petite's Dream

As long as dreams seem to be the item of the week, here's one that La Petite dreamed last week. We know the inspirations for the dream; Chuck woke her early in the morning with a message on the answering machine telling us that the AT&T crew was on the way. As for the, ahem, members of the crew, we saw this "band" of technicians on Oprah after Christmas.

We've traced the sources already; no need to interpret. Just enjoy.

The dream:

The service crew, the techs from AT&T UVerse, had arrived at our home to finally replace the lines that stretch across the backyard. These lines have been nibble by squirrels, hit by lightning, and tangled around growing trees. We've been waiting a long time and we were so thrilled they turned up!

The techs replacing the line were (are you ready for this?) the Backstreet Boys.

The talented boy band members demonstrated their other skill by replacing the line successfully. When they were done, they climbed into their service van and drove away, singing.

Now here's the question: what were they singing? My contribution is "Wichita Lineman." You might remember the first line: "I am a lineman for the county." Come on, readers, let's hear it.

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