Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The first week of teaching -- for a gardener

A week of teaching means little or no time in the garden. My poor tomatoes are gasping for breath, craving water. My beans are doing fine at the end of their growing season. Parsley looks good, and the bunnies are happy with that news. But the squash, you ask, the squash...

How did I miss these huge zucchini? Where did they come from? How did they get so, well, huge??

I didn't plant any yellow squash this year. Who snuck in and cross- pollinated my greens with yellow? There are two more on this vine, even tinier than the two you see with the blossoms still on.

And last, but surely not least, the white pumpkins (if that's indeed what they are) have been joined by what might be one of their orange counterparts. Maybe. Perhaps. I didn't plant this, either.
Did someone or some thing sneak into my garden recently? It's a mystery, all right.

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Blogger debra said...

My tomatoes are still producing--especially the romas. The zucchini is also doing what zucchini does---prolifically. Basil and parsley are great as is kale and chard. this year beans were awful! go figure

9/09/2009 8:55 AM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It is the law that all tomatoes must come on strong when gardening teachers are back to work full time. Just you wait!

9/09/2009 9:41 AM  
Blogger Flea said...

Oh my goodness! And it all looks so good!

9/09/2009 10:45 AM  
Blogger R Dean "SlowDog" said...

The veggies look like they are doing fine on their own!

We're still hoping to harvest some tomatoes...our's are still green!!! Getting anxious!!!

R Dean

9/09/2009 8:42 PM  

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