Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rationalizing vacation decisions

I've earned this. I've worked hard, Husband has worked hard, we deserve a break. (Hum McDonald's old commercial jingle here and think of Barry Manilow.)

It's our anniversary! Our 24th! All right, that's not a milestone, but why wait for the 25th?

We're budgeting carefully. We traveled off-season, packed our own snacks and drinks, and resisted large souvenir purchases. The cottage rental is reasonably priced; much more appropriate for our needs than a luxury hotel or resort.

My souvenir sweatshirt was in the 60% off bin.

Postcards are not just a souvenir; they're a communication device. They're also an educational tool; I can use them in my class next year when we study the states. Oh! Oh! Does that mean I can write off the cost of the trip as a professional expense? Nice try, but no. The price of the postcards, perhaps, but that's all.

We're doing our part to stimulate the economy! That's it! We're spending money to help rejuvenate the national economy. Geez. Has it come to that? I have to invoke Big Dubya to rationalize my vacation? That's sad.

Blog posts! Just think of all the material for blogging! It'll make great content! Attract more readers! Make more pennies on my ads...

To tell the truth, we saved and planned for quite some time before heading out on the road. This is not a $5 a Day bargain trip, but neither is it a luxury vacation. It's just right for our middle class family. And that, my friends, needs no rationalizing.

But if you want to find out What I Did on Summer Vacation, it's all here.

Review of the trip through coffee
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Farmer's Market
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Best/Worst Awards
One "lump" or two
Oh, no. What's that noise?
Mug shot
Navigating in Braille


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