Thursday, January 10, 2008

what a difference a year makes

Last year I posted this, an open letter to Bear fans. I remember telling them (in true Cheesehead fashion) not to get used to winning.
Well, sure enough, here we go into a Packer playoff weekend. but the implications in our household are, at the least, complicated.
Husband works for a local television station.
Let me put that another way. Husband works for a local television station in a major NFL market that happens to be the smallest city in the U.S. to support an NFL franchise. Did that make it sound like a big deal? It is.
I could make a flow chart, but I'll try it in words first.
A Packer win will mean at least one more game. Depending on where the game gets played, which will be determined by the winning NFC team on Sunday, he could spend the week driving a satellite truck to Dallas or stay at home, preparing to work at Lambeau Field again the following weekend. (Deep breath. Are you confused yet?)
A second Packer win would see him heading to Arizona, and he would drive the satellite truck there to cover it for the folks back home.
In the big picture, if he is asked to pack his bags, the end result could mean heading south and then turning right. I mean west. He could be gone for three weeks -- or more.
It's not fair, really. Husband may be headed to the Super Bowl, and I'm the football fan in the family!!!

((P.S. Go NY Giants!))

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Blogger raqgold said...

oops, not fair! is there no chance at all to tag along?

1/11/2008 3:46 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Okay, let's cheer for the Giants, the Packers and for a sudden windfall of generosity that would allow you to go along!

1/11/2008 11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh, life is so NOT fair - he best bring something pretty home for you - coming from a football fan here in Giants territory...BOOYAH!

1/11/2008 3:51 PM  
Blogger Dana J. Tuszke said...

As a diehard Packer fan, and a pretty faithful football fan in general, I think your husband should pull strings and get us into these games somehow. I do yoga, maybe I could twist myself into a pretzel and fit into a suitcase? Or maybe not.

1/12/2008 7:49 PM  
Blogger Club 166 said...

It's hard NOT to root for the Pack and Brett.

They're just so all American, in every sense of the word.


1/13/2008 6:02 AM  

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