Friday, December 14, 2007

Random Holiday Thoughts

Husband and Amigo are in the den decorating the tree. Husband just came out to me and suggested a blog post based on "Teachers never need (blank)" and ending with " buy candles or Christmas ornaments." I think he just found the box full of student gift ornaments from the past twelve years.

If anyone wonders why our tree lights don't reach the bottom branches, just remember we have rabbits.

Yes, I wore geek clothes to school today. My students think it's totally normal for a teacher to wear a Santa turtleneck under a Green Bay Packers sweater. I think they may be right.

My boss is looking for a Wii. She has had no luck in town or online. Any ideas, folks? She's a terrific mom and really wants to get this for her daughter for Christmas. I suggested a couple of web sites, but she'd already tried them and they were sold out.

I had an odd dream last night. In my dream, a chair got buried in snow on our front porch. Only the top of its back stuck out of the drift. This was not a deck chair or molded plastic polka-dot type thing; it was a nice, wood, straight backed chair. I couldn't pull it out without breaking it because the snow was so heavy and deep, but I knew that leaving it buried outside for the duration of winter would ruin it. I woke up wondering why I left an indoor chair on the front porch. Our porch is rather small, too -- it would have made more sense to leave it on the deck. We've had some snow and some bitter cold days, but nothing resembling Boston's current storm system. Dream analysts, any takers? Or is this another subliminal thought that is best unidentified?

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Blogger mammacheryl said...

Okay. Here's my dream analysis from a sleep-deprived mother of an infant and toddler: The chair that's not supposed to be outside getting ruined... You are feeling vulnerable about exposing a side of yourself to someone that you normally keep private. OR You are feeling kind of cheated that you overextended yourself and can't back out now. OR You are feeling the heavy burden of being a mom and a teacher during the holiday season.

12/15/2007 5:32 AM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Although I LOVE the ornaments my children have made for me while at school, these ornaments go on their special little tree and not mine.
I like mammacheryl's dream analysis. :)

12/16/2007 5:55 AM  

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