Saturday, November 17, 2007

The LoveSac Quarterback

Amigo is a sports fan in a major way. He's my child, so he enjoys pro football and cheers loudly for the Green and Gold any given Sunday. But he's developed interests of his own, too, beyond the NFL Network that his mother would love to add to the cable package.
On Saturdays, he watches college football. But wait -- it's not as simple as you think.
Early in the week, he finds a web site with the week's (and weekend's) college football television schedule. Husband or I sit down at the computer and copy the schedule into the translation software so that it can be embossed, or printed in Braille. Amigo puts the finished schedule in a designated Schedule Binder, and then he's ready.
On Saturday morning, after squandering a perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk on public radio, he'll dress, come downstairs, and examine the day's outlook. He eventually settles into the LoveSac Rocker with his schedule binder on his lap and the remote control by his side and watches as many games as he can. He'll stick to one game for a while, then switch to another later on. How many games does he eventually watch? I honestly couldn't tell you the total.
He tells me about on-field drama and big rivalries. He can flawlessly identify the names of every stadium -- look out, Jeopardy! When the opportunity presents itself, he takes a half-time computer break to check his email and search for a few game highlights on the web.
Meanwhile, I kind of co-exist in the house. I work on laundry, do any necessary schoolwork, and at times turn off my hearing aids and nap. I trust that he'll wake me to make supper if he's hungry.
Husband? Well, he's working this weekend -- on the sidelines of the Packer game.

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