Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to space camp -- aka the first day back at school after a long break

The spaciest thing I did today:
I put on my jacket this morning and reached for my green pair of gloves.
At the end of the day, I put on my jacket and discovered that there was a black and white pair of gloves in the left sleeve (yes, mom, the ones that look like cows). They had been there all the time and I never even noticed. I pulled them out, put both pair in my schoolbag, and went home, contemplating having my morning cuppa before leaving for school instead of at my desk.
Another spacy thing I did today:
I wore a new pair of boots. I've been lazy (I admit it), a veritable couch potato, for the last week and a half. Getting back on my feet for the day and wearing a new pair of leather boots with a moderate (read: low) heel was painful. Tomorrow? My new Keds.

But one of my students did something even, um, less logical (read: thoughtless). I caught her in the act of writing a note to a friend. I confiscated the note. She re-wrote it. Sure, now she decides that re-writes are valuable in the writing process! I confiscated the second copy. When I read the note (privately, of course), I realized that it needed to be addressed in the context of inappropriate behavior because it involved her bragging about breaking a rule at recess time. Duh!

The morals of the story:
Wear comfortable shoes on the first day after a lazy break.
Look in coat sleeves before reaching for gloves.

And advice for the Little Scribbler?
If you want to stay out of the principal's office, don't put your transgressions in writing. Twice.

And I thought I was only going to teach math, reading, and science today.

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Anonymous Bethiclaus said...

Clearly, she was very committed to um, confessing her naughtiness.

1/03/2007 6:59 PM  
Blogger mammacheryl said...

Oooh. Surprise glove discovery. Love those moments.

That is one determined girl. I hope you didn't ruin her friendship with the addressee. Probably felt a little lonely without a letter from her BFF.

1/04/2007 9:40 AM  

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