Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The sun'll come out tomorrow...

Sing with me: Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow....

Okay, enough. Tomorrow may be a busy day -- or not. I need to take Husband to the endodontists for a root canal or two. He will be on some massive painkillers, so I need to drive him. Fortunately, the timing is such that Amigo has school and I don't, so I can do this without wasting a sick day or needing child care. I'll pack up a stack of Time magazines and pick up a cappucino on the way and catch up on news and caffeine in the lobby while he suffers. Er...gets his teeth fixed.

We are waiting to hear from Husband's mom, too. His dad went into the hospital with chest pains last night. From MIL's description, it sounds to me like a narrowly averted heart attack. Practical woman that she is, MIL called 911 as soon as she knew he was having chest pains. She overruled his grumbling and called the professionals. I say to her: You go, girl! It's better to overreact than underreact when a heart attack is threatening to rear its ugly head.

So as we wait for word on the Husband's parental unit, we'll make sure Amigo has his homework done and we have all of our ducks in a row for the endodontist tomorrow morning. I'll make soft foods (jello, etc.) in case Husband is both in pain and hungry tomorrow. I did that last December when La Petite had her wisdom teeth out. But that's another post entirely, and it hasn't been written yet. Maybe in November during NaBloWriMo, if I'm really hard up for a post, I'll tell you stories of dealing with La Petite and her wisdom. Teeth, that is.

Update: FIL is home and doing fine. Hospital determined it was severe acid reflux. He is grumpy, by happy to be out of the hospital.
Husband's teeth have been rooted -- or de-rooted, as the case may be. He's tired (so am I), so he's napping. I napped already. :)


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