Monday, August 01, 2011

Signs of a True Gardener

You may be a gardener at heart if:
  • There's dirt under your nails.
Dirt? Is that all? I either have dirt under my nails or fingers stained with cherries, strawberries, or thumbs that are green from shelling peas or - you get the picture.
  • You think of soil as a foundation, the stable ingredient in creating a garden space.
After ten years of composting - okay, twelve - the soil in my first garden bed is rich and dark and drains well. The new garden needs a little more compost. It's still heavy with clay, but improving a little every year.
  • You have a specific pair of shoes for the garden.
I have a pair of crocs. I can get them wet or muddy and I don't care.
  • Watering is relaxing, not stressful.
Filling a watering can from a rain barrel or setting up a soaker hose takes time. It's a good use of time. My mind wanders, my shoulders relax, and any stress headache goes away.
  • You welcome rain or sunshine.
Rain provides a good soaking to the plants and fills the rain barrels for later. Sunshine invites stems and branches to reach for the sky and grow to their full potential.
  • You talk to the plants.
"Geez, beans, I gave you a nice set of climbing equipment. Why do you insist on attaching to the fencing? It'll just put you within range of the bunnies and other furry critters who might nibble, and then... here. I'll show you." Meanwhile, I'm wrapping the bean vines around the supports I just put in and hoping they get the idea. And maybe hoping the neighbors didn't hear me.
  • You talk to critters who might turn up near your precious plants.
Hey, rabbit, how did you get in there? What do you think you're doing, relaxing in my lettuce?

I only came up with seven. Can you make this a top ten list, readers? Add your signs of a true gardener by commenting.

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Blogger Charade said...

You shed a guilty tear when something you planted just doesn't make it, no matter how much TLC you gave it.

8/01/2011 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Petunia said...

You are a true gardener if your relatives wait eagerly for any part of your harvest!

8/01/2011 10:13 AM  
Blogger shannonseibel said...

You are a true gardener when you neglect making your family dinner to tend to the garden! :)

8/01/2011 9:53 PM  

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