Saturday, July 01, 2006

you might be a teacher if...

You might be a teacher if:
  • Spring cleaning happens in July.
  • You lose track of the days of the week when June arrives.
  • Your garden gets planted 3 or 4 weeks late.
  • All of the above.

No one can tell yet, and it didn't happen intentionally, but I planted Packer Beans. No, not the kind that a good environmentalist or country mama would "put up" or can to last through the winter, but good Wisconsin green and (yellow) gold.

Spring was extraordinarily busy and emotionally draining this year. By the time we got the compost spread and the soil turned, all of the stringless bean seeds were gone from the stores. Of course, people who plan and actually had time to plant had already bought all of the best seeds. Well, there's nothing like fresh beans from the garden, and evidently a lot of people know that. I planted the broccoli, tomato plants, the pepper plants (mother's day gifts all), and seeds for bunny food like parsley and carrots. I kept looking for bean seeds everywhere I went, and even went to places I normally didn't shop in the hopes that other bean-loving gardeners hadn't shopped there, either. I put the word out to my family, and my mother found two packets of yellow wax beans. These are also yummy, so I put the lovely little seeds in the soil beneath the trellis. But I didn't stop looking...and sure enough, a few days later I found two packets of seeds for green beans at the local drugstore. I stepped out to the garden that afternoon and planted the new packs in and around the seeds for the yellow. If all goes well and they grow quickly, I'll have a trellis full of beans in the colors of my favorite team, and I'll be harvesting as they begin a dynamite season with a new coach and a still fabulous MVP quarterback. (The team, that is, not the beans.)

I just hope we don't get an early frost up here near the tundra....

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