Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Da Boys take a trip

Well, they're off -- almost. I dropped Husband and El Grande at the airport for their trip. The homework we did in advance was helpful; El Grande felt very confident and excited. He was grinning ear to ear when he got up this morning -- positively beaming. He did a mental checklist to make sure he had all of his important things in his carry-on: gum, his Incredible Hulk toy, his discman and CDs for the road trip home. Of course, Mom and Dad had already made sure he had the really important things like medicine, identification, and clean underwear. We all forgot one thing: his talking watch. He discovered this omission at the airport after clearing security, and told Dad officially that it's fine. No problem. He could do without it.
Security was smooth with one exception. The folks at the gate didn't know what to do with El Grande's white cane. He must be the first blind passenger they've ever boarded. Is that possible? Are there no set policies for blind passengers? Evidently not. They eventually settled on running the cane through the x-ray machine and offering a hand to guide El Grande through the metal detector. Then he got his cane back and continued on to the boarding area. Da Boys called me from there while they were waiting for the plane to arrive and the boarding process to begin.
They will probably call me again from O'Hare while they're waiting for their transfer flight. I have a feeling El Grande will make friends with the flight attendants and enjoy the experience immensely. This, in turn, will relax the Husband, who worries about the kid as much as anyone.
Happy Trails, guys! La Petite and I will watch girlie movies and eat popcorn all week.


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