Saturday, July 08, 2006

planning ahead

Traveling with a blind child means planning ahead. The Husband and El Grande are taking off (literally) on Tuesday morning. This will be El Grande's first airplane trip ever, and his dad's first in over twenty years. To prepare, we actually took a pre-trip today (without child) to the airport.
We found out:
  • how long it will take to drive there
  • where I should park to drop them off
  • where they need to go to check in
  • how big their luggage can be and still be a carry-on (See? We really have no experience if we needed to check on that)
  • how early they should arrive to allow time for security and check-in, etc.

Experienced travelers take a lot of this for granted. Some less experienced, but non-handicapped, travelers can deal with details as they come. El Grande is excited about the new experiences, but he also needs the peace of mind that comes with knowing the basics. We are grateful to live in an area that is served by a small airport so that we could look into all of this ahead of time without taking all day and/or paying a fortune in parking. The transfer to their second flight in the larger airport will be a challenge, but I think they'll be fine. El Grande is very outgoing and friendly, and he will probably make friends on the way.

Now I just have to help get that stale gum off his white cane, and he's good to go. (ewww)


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