Thursday, April 05, 2012

How to Adjust to a New Sleep Medication

Disclaimer: Adjustment Daisy style does not replace or even supplement real medical advice. This adjustment addresses the woozy feeling in the morning, sometimes called the Hangover Effect.
  • Have coffee with a friend. The coffee will infuse caffeine; the conversation will be enlightening.
  • Snuggle a blanket. This acknowledges the desire to sleep again while not giving in completely to the call of the pillows.
  • Put pots and trays of seedlings outside. Between the sun and the cool temperatures, nature helps wake up the soul.
  • Blog. But be careful; proofread later when feeling less loopy.
  • Feed and pet a rabbit. This is a valid strategy for almost any condition. Rabbits are magical.
  • Watch the weather channel or CNN, depending on the mood.
  • Avoid game shows on TV. The over-animated applause and the bells & whistles are annoying and all too often generate headaches.
  • Contemplate changing timing of taking medication at night to allow for successful awakening in the morning.

Readers, can you add to the list?

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I just avoid TV altogether:)

4/06/2012 9:25 AM  

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