Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One week away --

One week from now, our community and state will go to the polls. Highlights? Lowlights? I'm glad you asked.

We're electing both new and experienced supervisors to the County Board, due to redistricting. Chuck and I have talked to the supervisor who represents our neighborhood. We've also helped a friend with her campaign.

Wisconsin holds its presidential primary. Some time in the next week, I expect Chuck to get called out to drive the satellite truck to a rally or two or three or four.

My fair city elects or re-elects a mayor.

Wisconsin holds its presidential primary. I am getting really good at keeping the TV remote near me so I can mute campaign commercials.

My local school district, a.k.a. my employer, chooses two candidates out of three who are running for two open seats on the school board. The two incumbents are good people; the potential newcomer holds some dangerously narrow views. He's already made clear his opinions on the freshman reading list. Let's just say his point of view is different from mine.

Wisconsin holds its presidential primary. Robo-calls, campaign calls, and survey calls will keep my phone ringing. Thank goodness for caller ID.

And when it's over, all over, we'll turn our attention to the upcoming recall election in June, when the divisiveness hits the polls. Our state will be divided for a long time. I will keep working to elect legislators who cooperate and think carefully before writing and voting on bills. To me, that's the biggest problem facing our divided legislature: the poorly written laws being rushed through the Assembly and Senate.

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ugh. So. Totally. Sick. Of. Partisan. Politics.

3/27/2012 11:11 AM  
Anonymous Grandma said...

We are so tired of the anger and invective, the us-them confrontation, and the lack of listening by so many people.

3/27/2012 2:33 PM  

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