Thursday, February 23, 2012

On teaching, voting, and cooking supper

Election Day wasn't bad, all things considered. My ward has a lot of well-informed and politically active people, including our representative in the state assembly. We found the new poll location, pulled our photo IDs out to prove we are who we are, the poll workers blinked at my double name (older people: most young ones don't even notice) because it didn't match the poll listings exactly. It was close enough that they let me vote.

Yesterday I wondered why the meat was taking so long to cook. It looked done, but the meat thermometer kept giving me dangerously low numbers - at least it did until I realized what was wrong and turned the temperature readout back to Fahrenheit. Shhh. You've done that, too, haven't you?

I must learn when to sit on my hands and keep quiet. We are short a teacher temporarily at school, a high school language arts teacher. I'm not a high school teacher, but I do know much of the literature at that level. I offered to help out. I haven't regretted it yet... but remind me later that no one forced me to do this: I stuck my neck out and offered.

Back on the topic of Election Day, my fellow blogger and good friend Green Girl made it through her primary election for school board. Now comes the real work: the main election. Readers, head over to her blog to congratulate her; she deserves it! Instead of complaining about the local schools, she has taken action to make the situation better.

Making the situation better: that's what running for office is all about. Go Green Girl!

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A low turnout--but staying the course!

2/23/2012 9:34 AM  

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