Friday, February 03, 2012

My bio - profile - whatever

I enjoy blogging. Writing is a natural form of expression for me. So why, when I have to write about myself, is it so difficult? I had to create an author bio for an upcoming piece on my employer's corporate blog. Aside from searching for pictures (I'm usually behind the camera), the biggest challenges was -- writing.

After an hour, an hour at my desk in which I stared at the screen, shook myself out of my trance to loan out a math book, and took one phone call, I came up with this. I'm not sure I like it. Maybe it's fine. Maybe it stinks.

I'll use my real name, of course. Daisy is my bloggy pseudonym and my plurk-twitter persona. I teach, write, and vote (with picture ID, of course) under my real name. Okay, I admit it, I changed a few identifying details for this post, too.


Elementary Teacher, grade 5

Middle School Teacher, grade 6 Language Arts and Math

Interests include: music, organic gardening, green living, advocacy for disabilities, playing Trivia games

Daisy graduated from Lovely University, a small liberal arts school in Wisconsin, with a Bachelor of Music degree. She returned to school at University of Wisconsin – GB to earn her elementary teaching license and followed up with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Creative Arts U.

Daisy, better known as Mrs. Teacher, enjoys bringing the arts into her teaching whenever possible. Due to a progressive hearing loss, she no longer teaches music or judges festivals. Teaching at a virtual school offers the opportunity to continue applying her teaching skills and experience while taking advantage of her own personal geekiness. (Letting her personal geek shine? I don't know. I wanted to keep it light.)

Why she is Passionate about Virtual Schooling

One of Daisy’s favorite aspects of virtual teaching is getting to know parents and students through regular communication. This partnership of learning coaches (usually parents) with teachers provides a uniquely strong support network for students.

Connections Academy continues to evolve as education and technology grow and develop. Daisy enjoys continually learning new ways of mixing technology with the personal touch to help her students reach their greatest potential.

So there you have it, audience. Readers, suggestions?


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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think you should include that you love virtual schooling because of your family's background and you support equal opportunity for all students--and technology can help make that happen!

2/03/2012 8:39 AM  
Anonymous Petunia said...

I think it is a fine bio. Excellent, even. Maybe I'm biased.

2/03/2012 3:17 PM  
Blogger Flea said...

My youngest is virtual schooling this year. It's better in many ways than public brick-and-mortar school. No bullies. Different distractions. But he's blown through the entire year in about five months. The teacher emailed and asked him to slow down. The kid's too bright, I think. Grr. But overall it's been a good experience.

2/05/2012 2:39 AM  

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