Saturday, February 04, 2012

Chuck goes to the Super Bowl - sort of

Chuck is working in Indianapolis this week. Nope, the Packers didn't get there. He's working, though, anyway. The Cliff Notes version is this: the owners of the station needed a satellite truck and an engineer to run it, and "his" was closest to Indy. There it is, folks, the little one on the left.

Here's the view from the truck. That's one big parking lot full of TV trucks. Do people tailgate party in Indianapolis? Just wondering.

Here's the view from - his window and balcony. Folks, all the hotels were booked up by the time Chuck was assigned to the job, so he and his working partner are renting a nearby studio apartment. How near? Take a close look. Introducing their "pet" squirrel, a small furry creature that shows up every morning begging for food.

I'm a bit more concerned about the shop across the street. Chuck might just decide to go browsing for something to bring home.

I guess I wouldn't mind - as long as he remembers that anything with two wheels is really for me, the loving wife, the only one in the house with a motorcycle drivers' license.


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Blogger Charade said...

I had no idea you had that M designation on your drivers license. I'll always keep mine, even though I sold my big-girl Harley Wide Glide last year. Hope he has time to go shopping for you.

2/04/2012 7:10 AM  
Blogger songbird's crazy world said...

Yes, but is he eating New York strip steak or New England clam chowder?

2/04/2012 8:32 AM  
Anonymous Grandma said...

I still have my motorcycle designation on my drivers license, and it's valid until I'm 80 . . . though I sold my last two-wheeler a few years ago.

2/04/2012 9:03 AM  
Blogger Flea said...

Oooo! An early Valentine's Day gift for Daisy!

2/05/2012 2:36 AM  

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