Friday, December 23, 2011

Rouxbe Cooking School

It was an impulse. I admit it. I signed up for a trial of five lessons with Rouxbe Cooking School online. I thought, "Why not?" After all, I enjoy playing in the kitchen, I like to post recipes on my blog, and the folks at home (mainly Chuck, my ever-tolerant and loving husband) will enjoy the results. On top of that, I teach online; surely I can learn the same way.

Each lesson follows the same structure. First, goals of the lesson. We teachers would call those objectives. Second, the lesson video. Rouxbe recommends watching, rewinding, watching again. Next comes the fun part: Practice, also known as Edible Exercises. Last, I'll take an interactive quiz and then participate in a discussion board.

Readers, my dearests, be prepared for reviews of the cooking school. I'm more of a simple cook, where my husband is more of an Iron Chef type in the kitchen. Whenever he's interested, I invite him to look over the lessons and participate in the practice portion with me.

Meanwhile, I'm baking cookies. It is, after all, the night before the night before Christmas!

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds interesting--online cooking class!

12/23/2011 12:03 PM  

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