Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hint, hint...

Dear family;

'Tis the season -- the season for wracking our brains, thinking about birthdays and Christmas and birthdays (in that order). 'Tis the season for stimulating the economy a little bit. This year, our family economic stimulus will be limited, I know. And that's why, dear family, I'm dropping hints about practical gifts. You're all creative people; you can make them special.

A new shredder. Mine (okay, our) gave up after many faithful years of use. If you replace our home shredder, you could address the gift tag not just to me, but also to Chuck. We'll both use it.

Winter boots suitable for walking. I might beat you to the punch on this purchase. I really, really enjoy walking to work, and I don't intend to stop when the snowflakes fall. My current boots are suitable for shoveling, driving, and everyday winter wear, but not for walking the 3/4 mile to my workplace. Since size is always an issue with footwear, keep the receipt.

Coffees, of course. I have a decent coffee grinder now, so beans are fine. In fact, grinding coffee is an activity that makes the kitchen smell wonderful. Well, it smells great to me, that is.

I've been told my workplace offices are cold, colder, and coldest in the winter. It's an old building, drafty, with unpredictable heat. Family, something warm for the cubicle would be a thoughtful gift. A poncho/cape, the thicker the better. I already have my fingerless gloves, but I've been advised to bring a blanket. A Snuggie (did I really just suggest a Snuggie?) would probably fit the bill.

Canning supplies and tools. Always. You know I'll use them! I might even gift you with the resulting goodies.

On a similar note, gardening tools and supplies are always welcome. They're not exactly in season, though, so I'll understand if you wait until spring and Mothers' Day for those.

I know, I know, I won't get what I really want. I'll dream, though. What type of gift is this? I'll tell you. If money were no object, and all things were possible, if wishing on a star really made a dream come true, I'd ask for: Green Bay Packers stock.

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your taste is good--and Snuggies do rock.

11/10/2011 1:06 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Maybe a hot water bottle for your office?
We are also under financial constraints this year. I'm knitting a lot of dishcloths. And my daughter and I are cruising thrift stores. It's fun.

11/11/2011 9:02 AM  

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