Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not scary at all: vote for my school in this grant competition!

2011 Project Innovate is a program sponsored by Cellcom that allows school supporters to vote for one school in the surrounding area to receive prize money for the purchase of technology. It is WCA's desire to help each student maximized his/her potential and meet the highest proformance standards. While WCA does everything they can be provided the best education possible for your student, there are many great tools out there that could assist with accomplishing this goal. This contest is simple. Vote for WCA. Each individual can vote one per email address.

Grand Prize: $30,000 for the purchase of technology

First Prize: $15,000 for the purchase of technology

Second Prize: $5,000 for the purchase of technology

The best part is that there are only 8 local schools participating.

The project ends at 11:59 p.m. on November 22, 2011. To vote for WCA all you need to do is go to (or, click on Project Innovate).

Please pass the link on and encourage others to vote for Wisconsin Connections Academy.


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