Friday, October 21, 2011

Eating the Opponent: Minneso-ta style

It was fried ravioli with Shock Top beer last week.

Amigo had his with Mello Yello.

This week, it's Minnesota. The guys in purple. The Northern team that plays in a (snort) dome. The dome that couldn't handle the snow last year and actually collapsed. No players in purple were injured during the perilous storm, but the Vikes had to play their next home game in an outdoor college stadium. Pardon me while I giggle a little at the irony of the whole disaster.

Back to the topic at hand: a Minnesota staple food. I asked my Facebook friends to help, but the two who live in the Twin Cities remained silent. I blogged a plea for ideas on Monday, and two chimed in. So.... we've narrowed it down.

We haven't decided or shopped for ingredients yet. Well, folks? Wild rice? The ubiquitous Minnesot'n hotdish? Lutheran-style after-church pie?

There is still one Farmers' Market left. I might buy my pie from the Amish baker. She makes delicious - well, everything. And almost next to her booth is the cheese vendor, the one who sells the freshest cheese curds I've ever eaten. Oh, wait. Cheese curds are Wisconsin, not Minnesota. Or are they also eaten west of the Mississippi and the St. Croix?

Meanwhile, let's not forget the whole reason for the Eating the Opponent routine.

Go! Pack! Go!

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I can't wait to see the Packers steamroll them!

10/21/2011 9:33 AM  

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