Monday, September 12, 2011

Reasons to Walk to Work

10. The streets in the neighborhood are beautiful, especially in autumn.

9. I spend most of my day in a cubicle in a chair; walking lets me stretch.

8. Driving less often reduces my family's dependence on gas and saves money.

7. Walking home provides thoughtful "decompression" time after a busy day.

6. I enjoy the fresh air.

5. Walking is good exercise.

4. I lower my carbon footprint by leaving the minivan in the garage.

3. Driving less often saves wear and tear on my aging minivan.

2. Parking at my workplace is limited, to say the least.

1. This is the view of my favorite, easy-out, shady parking spot after the recent storm went through downtown.

Yeah, the aging minivan would have been toast. Thank goodness I wasn't working that day - and thank goodness I don't drive to work very often.

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Anonymous Sarah said...

I am with you on the walking! Gives you a completely different view of the world and an awesome wind down at the end of the day, especially for kids at the end of a school day.

9/12/2011 8:09 AM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

And walking is FREE!

9/12/2011 8:16 AM  

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