Friday, August 19, 2011

Pantry Raids and Planned-Overs and Booyah

Recipe Lion's August Blog Hop features budget recipes. I think of budget many times as I'm cooking and baking and canning, so I couldn't really zero in on one recipe to contribute. Then I started making supper for tonight.

Let's back up. Yesterday Amigo and I were in Green Bay for an appointment around noon, so we went out for lunch at a family restaurant across from Lambeau Field. I ordered a Northern Wisconsin favorite, chicken booyah. No, that's not misspelled. Booyah is a thick soup of chicken and vegetables. Legend has it that booyah originated in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with the trappers and fur trappers. It's a mangled version of a French term (you recognized it, right?) and the dish was originally made with fresh turtle meat.

My booyah is a little like my minestrone soup (a little of every vegetable in the house, a soup stock from the freezer, and a can of beans). Today's booyah started with vegetable stock from the freezer, several vegetables, and a shredded chicken thigh left over from earlier this week. Vegetables included leftover corn sliced off the cob, frozen peas, a few shallots from the garden, green pepper, two diced potatoes, and... did I forget anything? Two cloves of garlic. This soup looks thick and savory. I added a small chicken breast because I didn't think the one thigh was enough, and topped it off with a can of diced tomatoes to add flavor to the broth.

That wonderful mix simmers in the kitchen right now. It won't even need noodles or rice or crackers by the time it's done. Tasty? Oh, yes, it'll be tasty. In fact, I should go add a few herbs right now. Rosemary, maybe. Or thyme. If I throw some thyme in the pot, does that mean I've made thyme fly? Uh-huh. I thought not.

There you have it, readers. Planned overs: chicken thighs, sweet corn, a little extra made with the intention of adding to another dish later. Pantry raid: every vegetable in the house, including a few from the garden. No shopping required! If I make booyah or minestrone later this month, it'll contain zucchini.

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Blogger Sarah said...

As always thanks for sharing with RecipeLion's blog hop!

Sarah @ RecipeLion

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