Monday, August 29, 2011

The Daisy Reality Show Returns!

Director: What's on the agenda today?
Daisy: Farmers' Market. That's always on the schedule for Saturdays. grabs the big bag on wheels, full of other smaller cloth bags
Assistant: You have a garden. Why do you need the Market?
Daisy: Quantity. I have quality, but I need more to fill the freezer and feed my family. Wow, and I'm alliterative, too.
Director: laughs
Assistant: huh? looks confused

At downtown market
Daisy: Sweet corn. I'll take a dozen.
Director: Do you always buy a lot of whatever is in season?
Daisy: Absolutely. Part of the locavore philosophy is eating what's in season so it doesn't have to travel a long way to reach the table. The theme ingredient on my table right now is (drumroll) tomatoes.
They continue down the street, taking in the booths, while Daisy picks out fresh peaches, zucchini, green peppers, sweet corn, butternut squash, blueberries, fresh honey oat bread, and a luxury, kettle corn. Oh, heck, just see the picture below.
Assistant: (sniffing the air near kettle corn booth.) Wow, that smells good.
Daisy: Try some.
Assistant: Oh, oh, this is good. Oh, oh!
Director sotto voce: Let's leave him here to enjoy his kettle corn.
Woman at kettle corn booth: I'll have what he's having.

Back at Daisy's house unpacking the goods.
Assistant: I know I asked you this. Why did you buy zucchini and butternut squash? You planted both.
Daisy: Look at what I bought. Then go out to the garden and look at the squash plants.
Director: Let's get a good shot of the produce we just bought.

Assistant, back from garden: Daisy, what do you call that kind of squash? Butter-chini? Zuchnut?

Daisy: Hybrid. Turns to director. Let's take a break and watch a movie while the soaker hose does its work on the tomatoes. How about When Harry Met Sally?

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