Sunday, July 03, 2011

Back to the Farm - Market.

Daisy, what took you so long to post this weekend?

Honestly, it took a long time to organize and prep and put away all the lovely produce from yesterday's Farmers' Market. I usually make a point of sitting outside on the deck, weather permitting, and listening to the birds and enjoying the breeze (if there is one) while pulling the hulls off the strawberries and taking the peas from their pods (the bunnies love the pods) and anything else that needs work. Maybe you've noticed I gave in and bought rhubarb. I remembered that last year I combined my own tomatoes with some that were given to me and some more from the Farmers' Market so I'd have enough for salsa. I tell myself it's okay to combine Market rhubarb with my own, now that I've discovered more ways to can it.


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