Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The best seats in the house - er, ballpark

We had the best seats in the house in many ways. We had a good parking place with a direct walking lane to the stadium. Miller Park is creative with its safety barricades. This baseball is solid concrete. That's Amigo checking it out.

We had special club passes and indoor seats next to the window for lunch. See Bernie Brewer's slide? We were on level three, second table over from the end of Bernie's slide. When his fireworks went off - wow. Good food, too.

The club wasn't crowded, so the staff offered us the opportunity to stay there for the entire game. We opted out, however, because seats in the section behind home plate awaited us. We were in row 17. How close is that? Take a look at this; we were this close to the sausage races. The Italian, by the way, came from behind to win it.

The Brewers also came from behind (0-1 in the first inning) to win over the Twins 6-2. Go True Blue Brew Crew!!

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