Monday, May 30, 2011

I love a parade!

Every year we start Memorial Day by throwing our lawn chairs in Amigo's bike basket and hitting the road for half a block to stake our claim on a good place to watch the parade. Seriously, it's half a block from our home. We watch from the front yard, and when the police are putting the traffic barriers up, we head over and park ourselves in the road under our favorite shade tree. Here's Amigo and MIL cheering on the municipal city band. Chuck? He was relaxing.

Amigo didn't look excited to see my alma mater march past. Well, at least he applauded.

I tried to get my neighbor's son in this shot with his baritone - instead, it looks like part of the seventy-six trombone section from Music Man.

And then we went home. Home, to help out our "real live veteran in our front yard," as Amigo put it. FIL didn't want to struggle all the way down the street with his walker, so he settled under our mock cherry tree and read a book. We gave him a little flag next to his lawn chair so he could be part of the festivities.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. May your family members in the services stay safe and return to you soon.

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Blogger Flea said...

Happy Memorial Day, especially to your FIL! And dang it! Now that song will be stuck in my head for a week!

5/30/2011 5:57 PM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

If that last photo isn't the essence of Americana, I don't know what is!

5/31/2011 10:39 AM  

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