Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will Walker Get on Board?

I sent Chuck a link to this editorial reminding Wisconsin's governor of deadlines to secure funding for Amtrak's Hiawatha line that runs from Milwaukee to Chicago. This is NOT high-speed rail, the money Walker returned to the federal grant. This is the commuter line with ridership has doubled in the past eight years. It makes sense to apply, and apply ON TIME, for the money.

But when has Scott Walker made sense?

Here are Chuck's top five reasons that Walker will not bother to apply for the transportation grant to improve the Hiawatha line.

5. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is a Democrat. Walker hates Democrats.

4. Tom Barrett is not just a Democrat - he was The Democrat Who Ran for Governor Against Walker. The petty governor will hold that against him forever.

3. Walker's dislike of rail goes back before his refusal of high-speed rail development. In 2007, he used his position as Milwaukee County Executive to kill a light rail plan that would have complimented the city's bus network.

2. Did I mention that Walker gave away the funding for high-speed rail that would have gone through Wisconsin, connecting Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis? Therefore, he has no reason to support upgrades for the link from Milwaukee to Chicago.

And now, the Number One Reason that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will not apply to help fund the Hiawatha line:

1. Walker would never do anything that makes it easier for Democrats to get to Illinois.

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