Monday, February 14, 2011

Drama. Too much Sunday drama.

Let's work backwards.

It's evening, we're watching the Grammy Awards, and I'm feeling almost uncomfortably full. I should have saved my dessert for tomorrow. Pumpkin cheesecake would have made a great breakfast with coffee. It was delicious; I'll have to admit that it was delicious, and on top of a great pre-Valentine's Day celebratory dinner. Chuck had rib eye and lobster tail; I had tenderloin with shrimp scampi. Both were fabulous.

It was a fitting end to the evening, though, being able to relax and reboot after all the drama.

We spent the afternoon computer shopping. I'd like a smaller laptop, maybe even a netbook, for traveling. Amigo would really like to have a laptop available with his adaptive software. We found a few good laptops on sale in the same price range as the netbooks, and decided to check them out. We took a rather anxious and tense Amigo to the Big Box Store to ask questions and try them out. We put him in charge of trying out the keyboards while we read the specifics and asked questions about repairs and warranties and features included (or not). He relaxed as he worked the keyboards and found out what they felt like and confirmed that yes, he could learn this new type of keyboard and use it successfully.

Back up again. Midday, while introducing our two smaller bunnies in the hopes that we can program them to coexist in the same space, Chuck let them get too close too soon. Fur flew. Scent trails were presented. Chuck had to reach into the melee and separate the two. To reassure you, readers, neither bunny was injured. They're back to their Safe Mode with Krumpet in her cage in the corner and Sadie running freely through the room. They interact through the cage bars by sniffing, licking, and looking at each other. We'll wait for another day to put them together without the firewalls.

Back up to the day's beginning. I slept late - much too late. I'm not sure I like this new medicine; I'm in such a daze in the mornings that I just can't move. But I digress. While I was dragging myself out of sleep mode, Chuck was already downstairs toasting frozen waffles for Amigo and turning on the desktop computer - well, trying to turn on the desktop computer. It was dead - overheated from a malfunction in the fan and cards that triggered the fan to function. We repaired this a few weeks ago; we were warned then that if it happened again, it would signal the end.

A destroyed computer is a problem. Due to Amigo's needs and due to our tech-addicted family, we need to replace it ASAP. But this week? Chuck, the hardware and software expert, is extremely busy this week. He can't take off from work, and he wants to do this on his own. I trust him to do it right, and he'll stress out and send his blood pressure sky high if he's worried about me taking care of the purchase. So... he did the research today. It'll make the act of choosing and buying simpler and faster.

Backing up; No. I think at this point we need to move forward. I'll take my evening medicines, leave La Petite in charge of the bunnies and Chuck in charge of the computer(s), and I'll go to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream.

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