Saturday, February 05, 2011

Community Super Bowl Spirit

It wasn't a long drive; ten minutes, tops. I made it longer by stopping with my camera to document a few examples of Green Bay Packer spirit. Starting at my mother's apartment, here we go.

This flag was hanging on another apartment in the same complex.

These yard signs don't back a politician; they back the Pack!
On one side, they say Go! Pack! Go!

On the other side, the yard signs sport the Packers' G-Force logo with the directive to
"Show Your Colors!"

There was another sign, a flashing sign, that I didn't photograph while I sat at the red light. It read like this:

is our DRIVER!


followed by an image of goal posts and a referee signalling "Touchdown!"

Not all businesses have the money and the time to design and program a set of messages like the one mentioned above. The sign below is on a thrift store; simple, frugal, and to the point.

Our city is full of Green Bay Packers spirit. From thrift stores to retirement homes, everyone wants to get in on the game.
Can you hear me now?

Go! Pack! Go!

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