Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Traveling thrift and coffee

Morning looks like this in Daisy's hotel room. Another hotel, you ask? I don't get out much, really. The privacy, the lack of schedule pressure, the opportunity to take my time - all make the rare treat of a hotel stay extra special. Nothing fancy, really, just a room with a bed and a good wifi connection. Oh, and coffee, of course.

Back to the beginning. I had a small but delicious complimentary breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and then looked at the clock. No rush to get to Amigo's school; he would still be in class. You guessed it, readers; I played with my favorite hotel toy, the coffeemaker.

While the coffeemaker was working, I dug out quarters for the vending machine across the hall. Overpriced, yes, but it had two of my favorites: raspberry shortbread cookies (for dipping in coffee) and original Fritos for a later snack in the car.

Perfect timing: the coffee was ready!!

While I dipped cookies in the coffee, I used my Droid to look up the nearest thrift stores. Packed, checked out, and in the car: thrift time! For less than $30, I came out with five pair of jeans and three small gifts, all packaged in my BYO bags. What a great and frugal way to start my day!

The thrift store? One of my favorites.

Altogether a relaxing and frugal morning, followed by picking up Amigo at school and coming home. Readers, how do you relax away from home? Shopping? Coffee?

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Blogger Kristin @ Going Country said...

Away from home? I know nothing of this.

Except going to my parents' house, which is often not so much relaxing as hysterically fun, what with the children and the general crowds of family in and out. Exhausted when we get home, though.

12/22/2010 7:14 AM  
Blogger Earth Muffin said...

Coffee for sure. We are usually not too impressed with hotel coffee and seek out the nearest Starbuck's or, even better, local coffeehouse. Our other favorite way to relax away from home is to find a bookstore...not Borders or Barnes & Noble, but a great local bookstore. Mr. EM and I can spend HOURS wandering around a bookstore. We usually run into each other with stacks of books in our arms! Then we have to sit down together and decided which ones we really want to spend the money on and which ones we can do without or get at the library. We always walk out having spent a good $50 and with a list a mile long of books to look for at the library or at guessed it...thrift store! During our summer trip to Indianapolis we found a store called "Half Price Books". It was our own private slice of heaven!

12/22/2010 9:01 PM  

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