Saturday, December 18, 2010

jammin' with cranberries

I tried. It didn't quite work. I know what went wrong, though, so I'm going to work on a solution today.

A package of cranberries + a few jars of orange marmalade (not jelled, remember?) should have made a delicious jam.

Well, it jelled well and the flavor was good, but I added too much sugar. It was grainy. I think I measured the amount of sugar based on raw fruit and forgot that the marmalade was already sweetened.

Now what? I have one more option, and one more package of pectin. If I incorporate more raw fruit from the freezer, raspberries or strawberries, it might work. Step one: clean the kitchen so I actually have room to work. Step two: give it a try. What do you think, readers, will it work? I'll let you know!


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Blogger Royal Ranch said...

Good luck! I just finished my first batch of mixed berry and a batch of blueberry. Next I'm going to try jalapeno, do you think I should add a fruit with it? I think I should. What fun it has been to can in the winter!

12/19/2010 6:37 AM  

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