Monday, October 25, 2010

Readers, readers who need books

Remember my students, the struggling readers, the guys who need books? I've received donations of books (Thanks Earth Muffin! Thanks Mom!) and I've drafted letters to several local service organizations. I also took the time to create a page on Donors Choose dot Org, a site that matches teachers with donors.

So here I go again, shamelessly plugging the neediness of my students. If you care to forward this link to people who might donate, I will greatly appreciate it. If you're willing to drop a little money in the pot, that's amazingly awesome, too. Spreading the word, even re-posting or linking to this post or the original, will help.

These young ones can learn and will learn. My goal on Donors Choose: to provide them with the specialized materials, high-interest/ low-reading level books, that they need in order to make progress.

I'm beyond subtle now; I'll put it in big print for you. Go here and check it out! Link to me! Donate, too, if you're willing and able!

On behalf of the children who look to me for wisdom and knowledge, many, many, thanks.


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Anonymous Jen on the Edge said...

I made a donation last week and am also retweeting your tweets with the link.

Good luck!

10/25/2010 6:47 AM  

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