Friday, June 04, 2010

Moving on -- home.

I'm overloaded with end-of-year paperwork and (wild) behavior at my school.
Amigo graduated last night; pictures and stories soon, I promise.
Those are my excuses for reposting a piece originally posted on MidCentury Modern Moms. Enjoy!

While La Petite was graduating, Chuck was packing things in boxes and loading the minivan. He filled most of the minivan, and then he piled the two bunnies in their cages on top of the boxes, directed Amigo into the front seat, and headed home.

Meanwhile, I headed back to the hotel down the street, settled in for the night with my everpresent schoolwork, and let La Petite and her roommate figure out the rest of the packing process before they went out to party.

When I arrived in the morning, Egg McMuffins and coffee in hand, the apartment was looking better. Emptier, at least. It was time, after three years of living, to say goodbye.

Goodbye, three-color bathroom! Mint green toilet base, gold-kinda tub, and color-that-shall-be-unnamed floor. We'll never see another one like it - or so we hope.

Goodbye, empty living room with wild duck lights!

And if you're wondering where everything is now...

...that which did not go home in the minivan or land in the dumpster is here in the Saturn.

Chuck used the term "packing with a shoehorn" and it wasn't too far off. Every inch had something in it.

Trust me, the trunk was full, too.

Now it's all home. As soon as the remodeling is done, we'll move all of it back into La Petite's room. for now, it's shoehorned into the basement... piled on the baby grand piano...piled under the piano...


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Blogger Royal Ranch said...

How wonderful for you to have her for now...

6/04/2010 8:11 AM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Makes you wonder how she fit all that in there!

6/07/2010 11:54 AM  

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