Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good reasons to postpons a rummage sale

We had in mind a June sale. Garage sale, tag sale, whatever your region calls it: in our neck of the woods we call it a rummage sale. With La Petite moving home for a while, we have no storage space, and our basement is overloaded. It's time for another major purge. However... when I brought up to Chuck that this might not be the best time for a sale, he was easily convinced.

10. June is incredibly full. End of school, graduations, graduation parties, and more.
9. Amigo has a week of camp, including a drop-off and pick-up that need to get scheduled.
8. July is not a good month for sales locally. June and August tend to be better.
7. August is the month from you-know-where for Chuck's work schedule.
6. Our remodeling isn't done. The house is trashed. Truly appears trashed.
5. I still don't have a working washer and dryer (see #6). It's laundromat for the wash, and my old dryer after that.
4. If we wait a year, we'll have more preparation time next spring - with no remodeling project taking our attention.
3. If we wait a year, La Petite will have a better idea how much she'll really need of her apartment furniture, dishes, and other collections. We (she) can sell the rest.
2. If we wait a year, Amigo will have a better idea where he's going with his life and (you guessed it) what he'll need.
1. I'm tired. I'm simply too exhausted to prepare and staff and clean up a sale.

That's it! Ten good reasons to wait a year. Now I just hope I can maneuver my way around the crowded basement until it happens!

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Blogger slow panic said...

i need to do a yard sale but i'm way way to lazy. i just keep randomly hauling stuff to goodwill

6/12/2010 7:14 PM  
Blogger Earth Muffin said...

I don't blame you a bit. I'm not a garage sale kind of gal, myself. Too much work. I don't visit them much either. It's my summer vacation and I'm NOT getting up at 6:00 to rummage through stuff other people don't want any more! I can do that any day of the year at Good Will at a much more reasonable hour!

6/12/2010 8:59 PM  

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