Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Day Friday -- True or False

It's Friday! In the standard workweek, it would be a TGIF. It's summertime, though, and in a teacher's world that makes the schedule a bit different. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher which of the following items or activities is False. All are True but one.

What did Daisy do recently?

1. Amigo and I got well-deserved haircuts.
2. I uprooted the rhubarb in the backyard.
3. Plumbing and electrical inspectors stopped by to check on the recent remodeling project.
4. Amigo and I went out to lunch at a tiny hole-in-the-wall grill downtown.
5. La Petite took care of Krumpet (the bunny) post-surgery.
6. I made half-caff coffee: decaf fair trade from last week's farmers' market, full-caff Door County coffee, chocolate raspberry truffle flavor.
7. I cleaned the bunnies' litter boxes.
8. I chased a bluejay away from my garden. You're welcome to the worms, Mr. Jay, but leave my seeds alone!
9. The rain barrels remained full, despite several days of sunny weather.
10. I wrapped up nine packages for Paperbackswap and mailed them all!

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I guess 7 is a lie--you left the jay alone.

6/27/2010 12:46 PM  

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