Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Sunday

I have a Super Cold. My plan for Super Sunday includes:
  • Claim the Super Couch as my turf.
  • Curl up with magic blankie.
  • Run the Super Humidifier all day.
  • Drink Super Fluids and eat Super Oranges constantly and often. Is that an oxymoron? Fine. So be it.
  • Rest.
  • Read the newspaper, including Super Bowl predictions.
  • Renew my friendship with the Neti Super-Pot.
  • Correct and record school papers, still on the couch.

  • Review plans for week with Chuck. This week looks to be more "normal" and less emotionally wearing than the last. (Crossing fingers and toes)
  • Convince Chuck to clean Buttercup's litter box. Even in my stuffed up state, I can sense a bit of malodorous atmosphere eminating from her cage. In order to heal my inflamed sinuses and exhausted body, I need to rest.
  • Watch the Super Bowl! On the menu: Super Burgers (Chuck's specialty), chicken soup (to fight my cold), and the continual ingestion of mega-amounts of fluids.

And now -- drumroll, please -- my predictions for the game!
The Colts are the stronger team. They have the technique, the talent, and the depth. Taken only on football stats, Peyton Manning should lead his rookie coach to victory.
But.... the Saints have momentum and emotion on their side. Drew Brees is more than a quarterback; he's a leader in motivation, not just in passes caught. The Saints' defense isn't rated as highly as most Super Bowl teams, but think about the NFC championship game; it was the defense that came through and sealed the need for overtime, which sealed the victory.

My prediction: Between the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Tebow controversy and the eTrade baby, there will be one exciting and dramatic football game.

Meanwhile, I'm going to pour myself a glass of Airborne to fight this Super Virus.


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Blogger Flea said...


2/07/2010 9:40 PM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I hope you're feeling better. It was a heckuva game.

2/08/2010 9:30 AM  

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