Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Open Letter to Congress about Title I

When my principal asked us to email our congressional representative and state senators, she gave us a link to a form letter and suggested we send it ASAP.

Oops. District email isn't supposed to be used for political purposes.

So I forwarded the email to my home and wrote from the comfort of my laptop in my cozy, warm den, after making cupcakes for my class' Welcome Home Flat Stanley party. All the while I thought of the students who benefit from Title I funded programs: those kiddos who would consider a cozy, warm den in a single family home to be a luxury, and cupcakes in the oven a rare and special treat. Tomorrow, when they're sharing Flat Stanley's journals and travel stories, I'll be thinking of how much they've learned - and also how much money is needed to keep them learning.

Dear Senators Feingold and Kohl;

I am shocked and dismayed to learn that Title I may be slashed a total of $700 million from its current fiscal year level. I understand the House has already voted to give no increase at all to Title I. If the Senate should succeed in cutting this program, many, many students will be harmed.

Please do your part to stop this cut immediately. Our district's students have suffered too much already from lost local and state revenue. My students, tomorrow's constituents, depend on you.

I look forward to your reply.


Frugal and Practical Teacher of 4th Grade
Advocate for students of low income
Advocate for students with disabilities
Lover of Reading, Science, and more

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Anonymous Pauline said...

Excellent letter. We'll send one also.

12/12/2009 1:54 PM  
Blogger Royal Ranch said...

Way to go! Two of my kids were in Title 1 and are now advanced readers!

12/13/2009 6:49 AM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I am on this--I'm the mom of one Title I kid. Why slash a budget for a program that is WORKING???

12/13/2009 1:46 PM  

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