Thursday, December 03, 2009

Doing Good by Buying Green

I'm still finishing up the Christmas shopping. There are a few people that are just hard to please! They're either very picky, have very expensive taste, or have everything they need and don't want more. Mother Nature Network has their Quirky Gift collection, the Nature Conservancy has a Green Gift Guide.
You can plant a tree, donate an acre, or "give" a coral reef.
You could "give" a jaguar. Well, you couldn't actually wrap it up and put the big cat under the tree, but you could donate in your loved ones' names to help preserve the jaguar's habitat.
The Nature Conservancy also has a Marketplace, where all purchases go toward the lofty goal of preserving nature. Ooh, maybe I should get the organic cotton crib bedding for my new niece! Hint to family: the logo t-shirts are cute, and they have some books that look to be right up my eco-friendly alley.

Ever since Chuck ordered knit slippers from National Geographic's online market, he's been getting their print catalog full of unique gifts. There's also Heifer International, where a small donation will donate a cow, goat, sheep, llama, or even (gulp) rabbit to a family in need. These are gifts that truly pay it forward; the money spent does good in the world.

I can't bring myself to sponsor a rabbit, even though they are a valuable source of protein. I'll pick up a few items for our school's Adopt-a-Family program, though, and do good in my own small way. Then again, a teacher and blogger can never have too many of these...

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I TOTALLY thought of you when I ordered bees for my sister, chicks for my niece and a sheep for my parents. I saw those rabbits and thought, oh I bet Daisy HATES the thought of this gift!

12/04/2009 2:40 PM  

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