Sunday, November 01, 2009

Just Another Saturday - or not.

It was almost a typical Saturday.
The to-do list read as usual:
Correct papers
Clean kitchen
Clean bunny cage

Added to the list yesterday:
Prepare Halloween candy for trick or treaters
Set up pumpkin, light candle
Start fire in fireplace
Rake leaves off sidewalk so trick or treaters can find their way

Here's the Ta-Dah! list:
Laundry (dull, boring, but necessary chore, got done in between everything else)
Correct papers: lots of them! (Science, spelling, language arts, and more science: more than usual due to make-up work in the latest wave of H1N1 in my school building)
Clean kitchen, and re-do it after supper (and wonder why I manage to want to run the dishwasher when there's a load of laundry in, every time)
Clean bunny cage (Why does she get so anxious when I'm taking away her dirty box? I replace it with a clean one right away. She doesn't have to wait.)
Rake leaves: done, but only in the front yard and only enough to clear the sidewalk. It was so windy that raking is almost pointless, like shoveling 2 inches of snow when there's a dozen more coming. (Did I say snow? I didn't mean to even think of snow. Not yet. You didn't hear that.)
Prepare Halloween candy; I tested one of each kind to make sure they were all fresh. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
I set up the pumpkin, but it was too windy to light the candle. Next year, we're getting the battery operated tea lights.
Start fire: while I was out replenishing the candy supply, Hubs started a fire. Sort of. Eventually. It was kind of like this.
1. Open damper.
2. Set up wood.
3. Set up firestarters in form of old Braille paper or cardboard.
4. Light fire.
5. Realize damper was left open after last fire, and now it's closed.
6. Open damper.
7. Take down smoke alarms.
8. Turn on ceiling fan, open windows a crack, turn off heat.
9. Blow on fire; get it started, finally, for real.
10. Wait patiently for house to clear of smoke.
11. Sample new supply of Halloween candy to make sure it's suitable for late trick or treaters.
12. Settle down on couch in den - Ah. Saturday night. Life is good.

Now the to-do list begins for Sunday. That, folks, totally revolves around the Big Game that kicks off at 3:15 at Lambeau Field.

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Blogger Gardenatrix said...

Step #12 is always a good one.

11/01/2009 9:12 AM  
Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We use LED tealights, too...the wind is so fierce and wrecks our spooky pumpkins.
My Monday looks just like your Sunday (sans papers to grade).

11/02/2009 1:08 PM  

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