Friday, October 16, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Enjoy a Backyard Kitchen Garden

10. Watch the bean vines grow higher and higher.

9. Sneak a fresh raspberry before the rest of the family sees them.

8. Harvest lettuce and tomato for your BLT while the bacon is cooking.

7. Clip fresh herbs for a sauce or salad, making the kitchen smell great.

6. Freeze spinach and add it to everything.

5. Admire the cute little cauliflower head alongside the blooming broccoli.

4. Have a zucchini give-away contest: the most creative idea wins (Just don't announce that the winner gets all the zucchini).

3. Make a garden vegetable soup in the crockpot; take the leftovers to work and gloat that you grew your own soup.

2. Bake rhubarb muffins - in January, from your frozen stash of rhubarb.

1. Serve fresh food to the family, nutritious and delicious - whether they like it or not!

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

sneaking those first berries is hands down my favorite part.

10/16/2009 1:09 PM  

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