Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Governors make a Locavore-style bet

Wisconsin Badgers played Minnesota's Golden Gophers Saturday.
The Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings Monday night.

What's a governor to do? Make a wager, of course.

Our very own Jim Doyle of Wisconsin wagered a selection of Milwaukee's famous Usinger’s sausages and specialty cheeses made by Carr Valley Cheese Co. Not to be outdone, Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty offered Hormel pork tenderloin and Minnesota wild rice. Both packages sounded delicious.

While the teams battled for the long-term rivalry's legendary Paul Bunyan's Ax (118 match-ups, people, 118!), the governors watched and hoped for a win for their teams -- and their pantries. Are you still in suspense? Wisconsin won. Go Badgers!! Play on, band!

Meanwhile, the ghost of Favre looms over Green Bay and the ghost of Ted Thompson haunts Brett Favre. Governor Doyle, who invoked Brett's name on announcing his own retirement ("I won't pull a Favre and change my mind"), is offering a wager of good Wisconsin beers. He didn't say which beers he'd include if the unthinkable happens. New Glarus, maybe? Point? Minnesota Governor Pawlenty, for his credit, is offering Minnesota beers on his side of the bet.

Monday night, I'll be ready for some football. Governor Doyle, if you don't want the beers, I'm sure my beer- connoiseur husband Chuck would be willing to try them. Heck, I might even let him post a review right here at Compost Happens!

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Blogger Shari said...

We'er Bears fans, but we're really hoping the Packers win!

10/05/2009 7:36 PM  

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