Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Chicken and Herbs + Vegetables in the Crockpot

I didn't want to cook. I was tired of cooking. I was feeling lazy. I didn't want to shop, either. Therefore, I dubbed it "Let's see what we already have in the house that will work together" day. I experienced and blogged this in August, but it could work today, too; I'd just be harvesting from the farmers' market or the freezer instead of the backyard.
If there were a recipe, it might have looked something like this.

First: 2 chicken breasts and about a pint of chicken stock, both frozen. Dump into crockpot as is, without thawing.
Next: Sprinkle herbs (basil, oregano, thyme) over chicken & stock. Let simmer on low.

(from left: oregano, thyme, basil)

Meanwhile: harvest zucchini. Find small bag of red potatoes in pantry. Search refrigerator for other potential ingredients: dice and add celery. Harvest a few pea pods and a handful of beans. Discover the one last green onion hiding in a corner of the garden.

Slice vegetables thin, remove peas from pods, and eventually layer veggies on top of chicken (when chicken is suitably thawed and beginning to cook, that is).
La Petite doesn't like mushrooms, so saute them separately with butter and garlic.

Let the whole thing simmer all day.

An hour before serving, add a handful of parsley. Take out chicken breasts; Shred and replace them in crockpot. Stir, then simmer. Turn to warm if fully cooked through.

Serve with long grain brown rice (and mushrooms) and a salad.
Salad: green salad with lettuces and pea pods and shredded carrots.

Amazing. I made a decent supper using lots of garden vegetables and still had the entire afternoon to work on my graduate course's project. The rough draft of my paper (The Impact of ADHD on the Family) is done. What would I do without my crockpot? No, don't answer that. I'm sure the answer is unpleasant.

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That looks delish. And yay for getting your paper done!

10/06/2009 10:40 AM  

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