Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rice is nice. Can you make it nicer?

I like rice dishes, and the family does, too. We keep a few rice mixes (Rice-a-Roni and Zatarain's) in the pantry, but I'd really like to cook more from scratch. Lately I've been experimenting with Spanish Rice as a side dish to go with refried beans as a side for tacos & burritos & fajitas. All are simple suppers, and rice is a simple side dish. Right? Well, maybe.

I tried cooking the rice in water flavored with taco seasoning. The results were okay, but not stellar.
Cooking the rice in beef or chicken broth worked a little better. A teaspoon of chili powder and/or red pepper flakes helped, too. Diced onion and green & red peppers made a nice addition to the flavor as well.

But I still feel like this version of what I call Arroz Mexicano (and serve most often in combination with Frijoles, refried beans) needs something more.

Ideas, anyone? What are your favorite ways to spice up rice?


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Blogger MUD said...

On the rice aisle of my local store there are tubes of yellow rice that have a chicken base added and it is mighty good. I use a Basmati (Ultra Long Grain) rice for most meals. I cook pork chops in the pan and then make spanish rice on top of them. I use vadalia onions when they are available. I still eat potatoes but I do eat a lot of rice. MUD

6/02/2009 9:46 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

I love rice. I am trying to use more brown rice. I haven't made Spanish Brown, but here's what I do for regular Spanish. I start cooking rice the normal way with water. While it's still working up to a boil, I add chopped onion, a little chopped celery, cumin, a can of diced tomato, chopped peppers, if I have them and a cup of frozen corn. The spicier seasonings I add after it's cooked, as my kids won't eat spicy food, so I have to segregate theirs first. Hey - I think I just solved the supper conundrum! BTW - leftovers make excellent burrito filling.

6/02/2009 12:07 PM  
Blogger debra said...

I have a rice steamer that I use all the time. I add different things: broth, sesame oil, tamari, herbs, spices, a little onion, nuts. It depends on the flavor I'm looking for.I almost nevr use packaged mixes except occasionally Far East.

6/02/2009 9:17 PM  
Blogger Momisodes said...

I LOVE yellow rice. It could eat it just plain and be happy :)

I've heard that some yellow rice also has achiote and tumeric.

6/03/2009 8:33 AM  
Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Saffron. It is expensive, but it has that wonderful taste.

Also, a shot of red wine vinegar at the end. It sounds bizarre, but I swear it works.

6/04/2009 10:16 PM  

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