Saturday, June 27, 2009

Questions on the eve of a family rummage sale

Where on earth did all this stuff come from? Will we ever, ever be able to park our cars in the garage again?

Tools, familiar and not so familiar. What size is this bedframe? Why, oh why, did the in-laws keep so many of these in their shed for so many years when they weren't using them at all? Will anyone actually buy them? Did we price them low enough?

The toy and collectible table: Husband did some research online to find accurate prices for some of these older items like his brother's old 007 lunch box and his own Land of the Giants thermos. Will his time and effort pay off?

And will the toy table keep kids away from the sharp objects on the other end of the driveway?

And finally: What the heck is this? It looks like I should hook it behind a horse and pull it through the fields, but it is definitely a hand tool. Ideas, readers?

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Blogger Halibut said...

It is a simple "hoe" type of tool. The tines are spread the correct distance so you can weed between the rows. (the carrots were planted in very narrow rows).

You Grandpa had one in his garage.

6/27/2009 7:25 PM  

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