Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hotels are good for Me Time because...

Hello, BlogHers! Procrastination and doubt did me in this year. I'm a mere 200 miles North of the conference, but I won't be there. Instead, I'll describe a hotel stay for an entirely different reason.

When La Petite came home from her college-led trip to Italy, Husband insisted I go pick her up. His reasoning was sound. "I need to be nearby in case the trainee on the satellite truck needs help, and I need to get ready for the window installation on Monday." And the most important part of his argument: "You need to get out. You need a break."

He was right. I'm usually a morning person, so picking up daughter at her campus (2 1/2 hours away from home) at 11 PM isn't my usual task. But this time, the day after school let out for the summer, it was exactly what I needed.

I reserved a hotel room in a nearby town, which was no easy task due to weddings and graduations. I left home after supper, checked in around 8 PM, and relaxed. Truly relaxed. Me time? Totally. Absolutely.

A couch, a laptop, and the chance to watch a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game on my own without negotiating for the channel.

A refrigerator and microwave, just in case I needed them. I didn't need them, but they were handy if I did.

Towels that I didn't have to wash or fold. I don't fold the towels cute like this at home, either.

Need I even mention it? The in-room coffeemaker is my favorite hotel toy.

Yes, I needed this. A little me time, a break from home, short road trip, and mother-daughter chat time full of stories from her trip. All was well with the world.

BlogHer buddies, enjoy the conference and each other. If you figure out the secret to the cute towel folding technique, let me know. As for the in-room coffeepots, be nice and share!

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Blogger Jill said...

That sounds like a great break!! Glad you enjoyed it!

6/24/2009 9:14 AM  
Blogger Earth Muffin said...

I hear ya'! Hotels are the best quick-and-easy getaway. Mr. EM and I love a little hotel time away from the kids...though he tends to hog the TV, so I always make sure I have a good book and a pile of gossip magazines to read.

However, we're such coffee snobs that hotel coffee doesn't do it for us. We either bring our french press along or try to locate a Starbucks.

6/24/2009 9:33 AM  

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